Thursday, 18 October 2012

Doncaster Mobile Marketing

Is Doncaster Businesses Still Slow At Using Mobile Marketing 

"Doncaster Mobile Marketing"
We are witnessing another monumental change in marketing that will change how advertisers market their businesses in the future. This evolving marketing method is mobile marketing and it is already seen as the most powerful form of marketing yet. So has business in Doncaster embraced this new technology?

Google recently carried out a survey and found the following:

  • +80% of business sites are still not optimized for mobile devices
  • 44% of Google's target audience own a smartphone
  • By the end of 2012 mobile devices will outnumber humans
  • By 2013 more people will access the internet from mobile devices
  • The number of smartphones will double within 4 years time
  • Businesses who do not  optimize their web sites will lose business
Mobile marketing has really boomed as a direct result in the huge sales of smartphones and tablets with as many as 1 million smartphones being activated each day (9 of 10 phones sold are now smartphones).  Over eight million people in the UK access the Internet from their smartphone every day. There are currently 23 million smartphones in the UK – which is almost 50% of all mobile phones.

It is these mobile devices that are changing peoples buying habits, with most smartphones users using their phone to search for local businesses before making a purchase. But if your webs site has not been optimized for a mobile device it will be slow at loading and when it does load it will be difficult to view.

So why are businesses in Doncaster slow to adapt to the market forces and use mobile marketing?  What message is it giving to visitors to their web site who cannot view their site? Why spend time and money marketing your business and then not have a web site that can be viewed by mobile phones or tablets.

To be fair most small businesses in Doncaster probably do not have the time or the resources to ensure they are up to speed with the latest technology or marketing methods.  But this needs to be your wake up call because any business not using mobile marketing in their marketing mix will lose business to those businesses that embrace mobile marketing.

There is good news though as an organization called Global BizznessApps has the ideal solution.  They provide small business with a system to build their own mobile web site with business apps.  As you might know business apps were far too expensive for small businesses and only used by the large companies.  That's no longer the case thanks to Global BizznessApps.  Watch the video below it gives you an overview of the service and key features.

Their apps design system was designed especially for small business and ease of use and requires no programming skills.  Clients go online and access a  content management system, where they select a business type template and then start building their site using any of the 43 business apps.  The package also includes free unlimited messaging for text marketing campaigns and free mobile web site hosting.

Training manuals are available online as are video tutorials. There are regular support webinars and a technical support desk.  For those clients who do not have the time or inclination to build their own site Global BizznessApps provide the service of building it for them for a small fee.